AHIC E-Learning Platform

Critical Information, Student are required read and understand the following information compulsory. 

Dear Students,

Please note that all of  units offer resources and course  content are available via Moodle. AHIC will use Moodle as E-learning platform. Please read the following answers carefully.

What is Moodle?

Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators,administrators and learners with a single robust,secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments.

How do you login to Moodle?

On your orientation Online learning co-coordinator will give you a detail regarding access to the Moodle. Also your designated trainer will give you 15 minute detail tour of Moodle and its content.

What can you access in Moodle? 

All of your course content and material will be available in Moodle. Being friendly to environment AHIC has committed to  reduce its printing papers. Students will be able to access all of the required resources for their study online, online resources includes;

Lecture slides

Subject Outline

Session Plan


Reading Materials



Class activity

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